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* Grads get great send-off at Commencement 2013


Graduates pour out of the gymnasium to greetings of friends, familiy, faculty an staff. More photos

Community and perseverance were the themes at the Shoreline Community College Commencement for the Class 2013.

Comments by the speakers at the June 9 event - student William C. Holmes III, faculty member Mimi Harvey and State Rep. Cyrus Habib – all focused on the idea that when personal strength is combined with societal support, great things can happen for both the individual and community.

Holmes said he was a high school dropout who re-engaged through the Career Education Options program. He went on to lead the college’s DECA team that recently returned from an award-winning effort at the national and international competition for business, marketing and entrepreneurship. Holmes emphasized that his accomplishments came with the help and support of many.

Harvey, who teaches Communications Studies, focused on the concept of community, but then asked the soon-to-be-graduates and audience to make that concept a reality. “Look around you, really, look around,” Harvey implored. “This is community, this is coming together.”

Habib’s own story is inspirational on its own. The 31-year-old legislator from Kirkland was blinded by cancer by age 8. He went on to become a Rhodes Scholar, Truman Scholar and graduate of Columbia University (Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa), Oxford University and Yale Law School where he served as editor of the Yale Law Journal.

“It would be easy for me to say ‘I did that, it was all me,’ and that might make me feel really good about myself,” Habib said. “Except it isn’t true.”

Habib said he did go to “all those fancy schools, but I started at what was then Bellevue Community College, which is why I’m so honored to be here today.” He went on to recount all the other assistance he received, both from supportive parents and public institutions, which has allowed him to be successful.

Also at the event, Professor Emeritus awards were given to three retiring faculty members, including Ed Harkness, English; Carla Hogan, Accounting; and Hermein Watkins, Nursing.

College President Lee Lambert presented Student Service awards to Walter Davis, Alex Peterson and Joice Pranata.

SCC/Jim Hills

* Innovation-fund awards to six faculty members
The first awards from the new innovation fund at Shoreline Community College will help six faculty members bring new knowledge, classes, programs and partnerships to students.

“I’m very excited about these proposals and the impacts they will have on our students,” said James Jansen, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. “These are wonderfully gifted and dedicated faculty members looking to expand what they can bring to the classroom.”

The six faculty members and their areas of study are: Rachel David, Women’s and Gender Studies; Tony Doupe, Film/Video; Tim Payne, Economics; Nirmala Savage, Mathematics; Neil Vasishth, English, and Brooke Zimmers, Communication Studies.

The innovation fund was established by the Board of Trustees in October, 2012 as part of a comprehensive package of reserve funds. The Innovation and Opportunities Reserve was established with a $2 million allocation at the direction of the board. Any future allocations are dependent upon the college’s overall financial health and made by the president. While the president ultimately approves of fun expenditures, the trustees are to receive semi-annual reports on those expenditures.

“One requirement for these awards is that we must measure the impact of this important work,” Jansen said, adding that total investment on all six projects is just shy of $200,000. Most of the money is for release time, paying for associate faculty to take over the teaching load during these projects.  “The faculty members will have some assistance from our Department of Institutional Assessment and Data Management to determine how to most appropriately assess each project.”

The projects are:

Rachel David, Women’s and Gender Studies
  • David will spend this coming winter quarter developing a new course in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual studies. She intends to help form a bridge with Gay-Straight Alliance clubs at local high schools and potentially increase in retention of LGBTQ students at Shoreline.
Tony Doupe, Film/Video
  • Doupe will use this coming winter and spring quarters to develop three new courses:  Webisodic Production, Business of Film and International Film Studies. In addition, he will continue his work to establish the Shoreline Film Office in collaboration with the City of Shoreline. He will be making connections with outside professional production companies to establish partnerships/student internships. In addition, Doupe will work on a system for in-house video production needs.
Tim Payne, Economics
  • Payne will use this fall quarter to create a new global studies certificate program. To help inform his efforts, Payne will work as an intern with an international foundation to increase his knowledge of international development, poverty reductions and sustainable agriculture.
Nirmala Savage, Mathematics
  • Savage is aiming at two targets during the next three quarters. First, she will create a new online version of Math 142 (Pre-calculus II) using open educational resources (OER) in the Canvas learning management system. Then, Savage will work toward infusing the entire mathematics curriculum with music applications that target liberal arts/humanities students
Neil Vasishth, English
  • During this fall and winter quarters, Vasishth will create a new English course that includes a service-learning component and affiliated assignments. The course will include optional credits attached to the service-learning component and a team-teaching possibility. Vasishth’s course will strengthen community engagement by developing One Campus, One Theme focus on food and hunger. The goal is to create a series of student community projects that support the college-wide internationalization initiative and specifically relate to South Asian and Indian cultures. The course will focus on Indian art forms and support the new Global Studies Certificate program proposed by faculty member Tim Payne.
Brooke Zimmers, Communication Studies
  • Zimmers will use the coming winter and spring quarters to redesign the Communications Studies 101 class to incorporate open educational resources (OER). She will also look to build technology across the entire Communications Studies curriculum. Another goal will be to increase internationalization efforts across campus by expanding knowledge of cross-cultural communication and create connections with new Global Studies Certificate.
SCC/Jim Hills