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* Sampson takes reins in International Programs

International Programs, one of the two top strategic initiatives for Shoreline Community College, is in the hands of Diana Sampson.

“I’m pleased that we have Diana as executive director to lead this important part of what we’re doing here at Shoreline,” President Lee Lambert said. “Better understanding the world we live in is critical for our students. One way we can help all of our students, international and domestic, is to bring them together here at Shoreline to learn from and about each other.”

Sampson has a background in international student recruitment with Shoreline and was an advising and counseling faculty member. She has lived in China and traveled extensively throughout Asia. Sampson was recently named to head a team focused on student recruitment in China. Sampson is now accountable for the overall program, responsibilities that were previously with Thalia Saplad, who is leaving the college.

“I’m excited to be able to help students and to have an impact on what I believe is the most important issue of our time, global understanding,” Sampson said.

Shoreline now has about 600 international students from 34 countries, primarily Pacific Rim nations. Sampson will oversee the effort to grow that number to 1,000 and expand the number of countries from which students come.

Lambert said that the strategic initiative covers three years. “I’ll be working closely with Diana to monitor our progress,” Lambert said. The college is also investing in additional staff to support the effort. “Shoreline is recognized around the world as leader in higher education and we will continue to build on that reputation.”

Lambert said the global perspective is core to the college.

“Our vision statement says ‘We will be a world-class leader in student success and community engagement,’” Lambert said, noting that the other strategic initiative for the college is to expand online classes and services, making quality education available anywhere, anytime. “You can’t be a world-class leader and not include the world.”

SCC/Jim Hills

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