Alison Armstrong

Alison Armstrong
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Science Technology Engineering Math
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Summer office hours: T&Th 9:30-10:20AM (email for link)

Classes taught: CS 90, ENGR 100, ENGR 115, ENGR 299, ENGR 90, ENGR& 114, ENGR& 214, ENGR& 215, ENGR& 225

Employee Bio

Professor Armstrong began teaching Engineering at Shoreline Community College in 2013. She is committed to providing quality instruction and strives to provide students with the tools they need to succeed.
Alison is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Washington, and worked as a Project Geotechnical Engineer for a private engineering firm in Seattle for 6 years after completion of her Master's Degree Program.

Education & Training

B.S., Western Washington University
M.S.C.E., University of Washington