Dina Kovarik

Dina Kovarik
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Science Technology Engineering Math

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Classes taught: BIOL 265, BIOL 266, BIOL 270, BIOL 274, BIOL 275, BIOL 276, BIOL 277, BIOL 280, BIOL 281, BIOL 286, BIOL 290, BIOL 298, BIOL 299

Employee Bio

Dr. Dina Kovarik has more than twenty years of experience in molecular biology, and science education and outreach.  She was a Teaching Associate at Sonoma State University while completing her biology Masters thesis on peroxisomal genes in tobacco.  Her doctoral work included development of a pre-clinical HIV vaccine at the University of Washington. At the same time, she completed her Masters degree in Epidemiology, identifying tumor markers in HPV-related cancer.  Dina was a founding member of FOSEP, the Forum for Science, Ethics and Policy. She was the bioinformatics Program Manager at NWABR, a Curriculum Developer and Instructor at Digital World Biology, and a Project Manager for the Systems Education Experiences program at the Institute for Systems Biology.  She is a Professor in the Biotechnology Program, runs the PROJECT BIOTECH high school summer camps, and is the PI for an immuno-biotechnology grant from the National Science Foundation.

Education & Training

B.A., M.A., Sonoma State University
M.S., Ph.D., University of Washington

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