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* Tim Payne is recipient of IPAC Award

Congratulations go to Economics Professor Tim Payne for putting together a winning study abroad proposal for the IPAC (International Programs Advisory Committee) Summer Institute.  Payne’s program, Art, Spirit and Economy:  The Unique Culture of Bali, which provides a well-rounded cultural experience for students, garnered a solid vote of confidence from committee members. 


The three-week program will provide students the opportunity to explore the fascinating culture of Bali via a multidisciplinary approach.  Students will gain an understanding of the cultural, social, economic, political and environmental aspects that shape the country.  


They will learn about the role of the village temple during visits to temples and traditional economic systems and living in a traditional village when visiting villages.  They will see sustainable agriculture in process at local farms and markets, and learn about traditional handicraft industries while visiting village craft centers and local artisans.  Students will explore the beaches of Bali, volcanoes, forests, villages and enjoy the music, dance, painting, woodcarving and unique craftwork.  Land use, environmental practices, Balinese traditions, tourism and the economy are also on the educational agenda.


Students will live and study in the host town of Ubud, the cultural center of the island.  Ubud lies in the foothills of dormant volcanic peaks and is located near many major temples.  The city of 8,000 residents offers a slow-paced environment in spite of it being an active cultural center.


Payne explains that Balinese culture is collectivistic in nature, providing a rich contrast to American individualism.  “It may lead students to question what constitutes a civilized society.”


Bali has a unique culture that seeks harmony in relations with people, nature and the spirit world," said Payne.  "The Balinese practice this harmony in their daily lives - how they work, play and interact in their families and communities.  The people of Bali demonstrate their spirituality through music, art and dance, so much so that there is no word in their language for art…it is just how they lead their lives.  The further one is willing to immerse in the culture, the more inspiration one can receive.“


Payne’s commitment to a healthy global environment is also supported by his work as co-advisor of the Global Development Project club at SCC.  The club is dedicated to learning how microcredit can provide market-based approaches to solving poverty in developing countries.  Read about the club or copy this link: into your browser.


The IPAC awards are designed to promote the goals of international education through professional development opportunities for SCC faculty and low-cost study/service abroad programs for SCC students. Students have the opportunity to learn firsthand from the local people, cultural venues and the environment as they relate to the proposed curriculum.


Since the inception of the IPAC program in 2001, SCC has sponsored 12 IPAC supported study abroad programs around the world.  SCC’s IPAC model received national recognition through the Senator Paul Simon award by NAFSA (National Association of International Educators) for its excellence in providing unique educational opportunities for students and faculty.


The IPAC funds support faculty in the research, development and implementation of short-term, credit-bearing programs. The International Programs Advisory Committee, made up of faculty from all divisions, a student representative, a classified staff member and an administrator, reviews proposals annually. 


The Bali program will take place August through 16-September 6, 2010.  The cost of the five-credit course ranges from $2,550 to $2,700.  The fee, based on current exchange rates and airfare rates, does not include college tuition and fees


For more information about the Bali program or other SCC Summer Institutes in Ireland and Jamaica, please check out the web site or copy into your browser, or contact Pollie McCloskey at


                                                               Donna Myers, SCC