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“I’m a Husky, Baby,” written and produced by former SCC music student, Johnny Bousquet, has made its way to the web…yes, of course, to You Tube, but also to KJR Sports Radio.

Bruce Spitz isn’t surprised to see his former music student’s work featured.  “I’ve predicted several times that Johnny is our next Grammy Award winner.” 

Spitz said that Bousquet, who studied at Shoreline from 2005-09, networked with other Shoreline music students to form the ATB (Above the Bar) Team, several of whom are involved in the new video. "He knew what he was doing, that's for sure."  Spitz said that the creative song writer and producer used to get his music friends together to do car washes on Saturday afternoons and pool the money to produce songs.  Nick Baker, the keyboard player for Funkngroove for a few years, performed on the video.  Other Shoreline students who worked on it were Chris Pack and Adam Kutchman.   

Bousquet was only a few credits short of earning his degree in MIDI Music Production/Audio Engineering when his work required more time than he could afford taking classes.

The young musician, who was named to the Vice President List for Academic Excellence and the President’s List at SCC, left the streets of Chicago to move to the northwest where he changed his ways, married and started a family.  Spitz speaks of him with great pride, saying that Bousquet recently went to Los Angeles with one of ATB Team members and performed for record producer and actor, Dr. Dre.  He doesn’t know if anything will come of it, but Spitz said he wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

One of Spitz’s fondest memories is the project that Bousquet coordinated for his pop theory class a couple of years ago.  Each student was required to do a creative project, individually or together, and they put a piece together in which every student participated.  “What was really cool was that they named everybody in the department (in the piece),” Spitz said.  “They named it ‘The Final Project.’ ”

Bousquet says on his Face Book page that he appreciates the education he got at Shoreline, even naming Spitz and Nancy Matesky as friends as well as “awesome teachers.”

Check out the video.  It has drawn more than 3,000 hits in four days, Spitz said.

                                                              Donna Myers/PIO

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