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Although we all know we need to be mindful about putting our personal items in a safe place at work, sometimes we are reminded to do so by those who take advantage of us.  On Monday of this week, two employees returned to their desks after having been gone only a short time and only across the hallway, to find their wallet and cell phones gone. Two other similar incidents occurred earlier this fall in employee offices in the 2800 and 2900 buildings. 

Safety and Security Director, Robin Heslop says we all have to watch out for one another.  "Sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent being victimized, but there are definitely things we can do -- starting with being aware and watching out for one another."

Heslop suggests the following:

1.  Be aware of your surroundings.
2.  Watch out for each other.
3.  If you see anyone acting suspiciously (loitering, someone in an area they shouldn't be in, etc.), look them directly in the eye and ask them if you can help them - then call Safety and Security at x4633.  If you can't reach anyone there, call 206-235-5860.
4.  Lock up your personal items in a desk, file cabinet or locker.  (Thieves know that most people put purses in bottom drawers - so be sure to lock it.  Never put your purse or valuables on the floor or beneath your desk.)
5.  Lock your office door when you leave (even for only a short period of time).
6.  Do not leave your cell phone sitting in plain sight.  Thieves have taken them.

Heslop says that before coming you work you might consider:

1.  Making photo copies of the front and back of your credit cards (so you have a list of credit card numbers and who to call) in case they are stolen.
2.  Eliminate the things in your wallet or purse that you don’t need. The fewer items you have, the fewer items that can be taken.

"And lastly, if you have a door chime, please turn it on, or consider putting a bell on the door, something that alerts you that someone has entered the building," Heslop said.

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