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* Document recommends budget criteria

The framework for deciding just how Shoreline Community College will respond to anticipated state budget cuts is starting to take shape with the release of a document recommending criteria and guidelines to be considered.


“I appreciate the thoughtful work that went into this document,” said Daryl Campbell, Vice President for Administrative Services. “It will be useful as the college moves forward with another round of painful cuts forced by the continuing deterioration of the state budget.”


The criteria and guidelines come from a subgroup of the Budget and Strategic Planning committees, formed in early November. The document was forwarded to President Lee Lambert and his President’s Senior Executive Team. PSET reviewed the document, then discussed clarifications with Budget Committee Chair Mary Kelemen and Strategic Planning Committee Chair Kira Wennstrom. Subgroup members were Larry Fuell, Mary Bonar, Gillian Lewis, Chip Dodd, Susan Hoyne and Angela Atkinson.


“I wanted to be sure that (PSET) understood the intent behind the words,” Campbell said of the meeting with Kelemen and Wennstrom. “It was helpful and the result was we agreed to make some changes to ensure clarity.”


Entitled, “Criteria for Restructuring and Guidelines for a Transparent Process,” the document focuses on two areas: considerations for making cuts and then recommendations to help the campus see how those decisions were made.


“Both of those areas are very important,” Campbell said. “Difficult choices lie ahead. We have to be sure that the college retains what it needs to not just survive, but move ahead. In addition, a transparent process that lays out the rationale for those decisions can help make them understandable, perhaps not easier, but at least understandable.”


Criteria for Restructuring and Guidelines for a Transparent Process

Developed by the Budget and Strategic Planning Committees

in collaboration with PSET

December 2009


Based upon major budget reductions in 2010, the existing Mission, Strategic Plan, and the organizational structure of Shoreline Community College will have to be modified. These changes should take into account the interconnected nature of the college’s programs and services. These changes should be viewed as strategies to sustain the institution well into the future. PSET should determine the strategic, financial and organizational direction of the college, and announce it to the campus community as soon as the restructuring process gets underway.  Throughout the coming weeks and months, PSET should regularly provide information in order to facilitate transparency of the process, and ensure that PSET has the information needed to facilitate effective decision making.


When deciding on these changes, PSET should operate under the following core principles:

  • Shoreline Community College must meet its contractual obligations.
  • Shoreline Community College must remain an accredited institution.
  • Shoreline Community College must meet its current FTE target allocation.

PSET should restructure the college in order to optimize programs and services in consideration of the institution’s strategic direction as determined by PSET.


This process should include:

  1. Optimizing support services/programs/disciplines, with respect to FTE generation in relation to how they serve the needs and demands of the students and the greater college community
  2. Streamlining services/departments for efficiency
  3.  Maximization of revenues and funding source 

To ensure transparency, decisions regarding the reorganization should be collaborative, understandable, and communicated in a timely fashion.  The following is intended to provide PSET with guidance around these general principles.  PSET should:

  1. Determine the college’s strategic objectives, and share them with the campus. 
  2. Frame the rationale for restructuring in light of these strategic objectives.
  3. Throughout the entire process, communicate regularly with all units through Deans and Directors, and via all-campus meetings. 
  4. Throughout the entire process, describe and explain how qualitative and quantitative information is being considered in decision making.
  5. Communicate the rationale for all final restructuring decisions to the campus in a clear and timely fashion after the process concludes.

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