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* SCC Unveils Framework for Budget Cuts

Brown-bag set


SCC President Lee Lambert will conduct a brown-bag discusison session, starting at noon, Thursday, Jan. 21, 2010, in the PUB Quiet Dining Room. "This is just the first of many opportunities the campus will hear and speak about what we're all facing," Lambert said.


Currently, all-campus meetings are set for March 12 and again on April 2.


Key documents

- College restructure outline

- Budget, transparency criteria

- Learning centered primer

Facing further budget reductions triggered by deteriorating state and national economic pressures, Shoreline Community College officials have established a framework for making those cuts and restructure the college.


“We had been planning for state-forced cuts of about $90 million statewide which translated to the $1.5 million range for Shoreline,” said Daryl Campbell, Vice President for Administrative Services said. “We received information late this past week that indicates the state could cut another $28 million, by not funding increases in health-care costs, which wouldn’t trigger potential federal penalties.


“Using the previous formula, that means our share would be just shy of $2 million.”


In light of the new information, SCC President Lee Lambert has asked Campbell and the other vice presidents to prepare reduction plans at three levels: $1.5 million, $2 million and $2.5 million.


The framework for making cuts is also in response to a request from a joint work group of the college’s strategic planning and budget committees for an open and transparent process. “The work group did a terrific job and presented a thoughtful document,” Campbell said.


While the college will have to make significant cuts, the framework also calls for a renewed emphasis on the concepts of being learning centered.


“It is true that in many ways, we already show a commitment to being learning centered,” said John Backes, Vice President of Academic Affairs. “However, there is room for growth and, in the process, better serve our students and community.”


“The reductions we’re facing are just devastating,” Lambert said. “Combined with the other reductions we’ve sustained over the past five years, restructuring has become imperative. However, refocusing attention on the core purpose – learning – will provide directions and purpose as we move forward."

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