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* State wants budget plans soon




  • Sept. 10: Received survey from state board describing impacts for 6 percent and 10 percent cuts
  • Sept. 13: Senior Executive team review, discuss survey
  • Sept. 16: Senior Executive team review, discuss survey
  • Sept. 20: Senior Executive team review, discuss survey
  • Sept. 21: Budget and Strategic Planning Committee present budget-related data and other information
  • Sept. 23: Senior Executive team review, discuss survey
  • Sept. 26: Survey response due to state board
  • Oct. 1: Implement reductions in 4 percent plan


  • Sept. 15: State board will adopt the system’s 2011-13 biennium operating budget request.
  • Sept.16:  State revenue update released
  • Sept. 17:  Governor expected to announce across-the-board budget reductions
  • Sept. 30:  2011-13 biennium budget requests due to the Governor.
  • Sept. 30:  10 percent budget reduction packages due to the Governor. 
  • Oct. 13:  6 percent 2010-11 budget reduction packages are due to state Office of Financial Management along with 2011 supplemental budget requests.
  • December: Governor expected to propose a 2010-11 supplemental budget to adjust across-the-board cuts
  • December:  The Governor’s 2011-13 budget proposal will be released
  • Late January:  Legislature expected to adopt a 2010-11 supplemental budget
  • April 2011:  Legislature expected to adopt a 2011-13 biennium budget
Shoreline Community College officials are working quickly to meet state-mandated deadlines for budget-reduction proposals.


All colleges are being asked to prepare two budget-reduction scenarios; one at 6 percent for the current year ending June 30, 2011 and one at 10 percent for the two-year period starting July 1, 2011. Both are due to state officials in the next three weeks.


“We have not much time to do this,” Vice President for Administrative Services Daryl Campbell said.


The work is revolving around a survey worked out in discussions this past week among business officers and staff from across the state system. “There was consensus that we just don’t have time to offer detailed plans to the state board,” Campbell said. “What we agreed to is more of a narrative approach, describing how each college will achieve its own reduction target.”


The purpose of the survey is to gather information from the colleges that will be used to provide system-level information and to provide information to the Legislature on budget reduction impacts. The survey was reviewed Monday, Sept. 13, 2010, by Campbell, fellow VPs John Backes, Tonya Drake and Stephen Smith as well as presidential special assistants Holly Woodmansee and Jim Hills and Chief Advancement Officer Jane McNabb. The group is scheduled to meet again on Thursday, Sept. 16, Monday, Sept. 20 and Thursday, Sept. 23.


For Shoreline, the 6 percent target number is $1.298 million with the plan due to the state board on Sunday, Sept. 26. The 10 percent target is $2.249 million. That plan is due to Gov. Chris Gregoire’s office on Sept. 30.


Campbell said it is helpful to take separate looks at the details and circumstances of each reduction plan. Both plans start from a baseline of the adopted 2010-11 college budget.


The 6 percent plan is based on Gregoire’s announcement that she would call for such cuts immediately after the September state revenue projection, which is due Thursday, Sept. 16. By law, Gregoire can only call for across-the-board cuts. Only the Legislature can adjust cut levels between agencies and Gregoire says she will ask lawmakers to do so when they convene in January.


“There is a ‘maintenance of effort’ clause that came with the state’s acceptance of federal stimulus money,” Campbell said. “Assuming that holds, then our actual cut for this year wouldn’t be 6 percent, but more like 4 percent. However, we won’t know that until January at the earliest and we’re being asked now for a 6 percent plan, which we will submit.”


Earlier this summer, college officials identified a 4 percent plan that avoids cutting positions. “The idea is to reduce spending and hold it aside until we get a specific number from the state,” Campbell said. Once finalized and approved by President Lee Lambert, the 4 percent-level reductions could take effect as soon as Oct. 1.


Getting from 4 percent to 6 percent, however, could impact positions. While not finalized, President Lambert has said any position cuts for this year would likely come from administrative and classified areas.


The 10 percent plan is based on statements by Gov. Gregoire and projections by the state Office of Financial Management. Based on current information, the state is be looking at a $3 billion deficit for the 2011-13 biennium, which could equate to about a 10 percent cut for community and technical colleges. Gregoire has said that the outlook for the following two years, 2013-15, is even bleaker with a projected $9 billion deficit.


A cut at the 10 percent level, Lambert has said, would have to mean significant full-time faculty reductions.


Lambert has said that while current-year reductions will move ahead quickly, the inclusive, campus-wide process for the potentially deeper 2011-13 cuts will continue. The Strategic Planning and Budget Committee is scheduled to present budget-related data and other information gathered over the summer at the all-campus lunch, scheduled for 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 21.


“We have to give the Governor’s office some information about Shoreline meeting the target,” Campbell said. “However, there will still be time to discuss and get input before getting a final number from the Legislature next spring and adoption of a final budget for the next two years.”

Jim Hills/SCC

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