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* Temporary move for smoking shelter

smokemapNEW1.jpgAlthough the Parent-Child Center (PCC) is on the northwestern corner of campus, far from the bus stops and college entrances, it may very well be one of the busiest places on campus.

Beginning at seven in the morning and continuing through six in the evening, students, employees and community members are dropping off and picking up their children before heading to class or work. 

Not far from PCC  sits another very busy spot, one of the 10 smoking shelters on the campus. Smoking is permitted at Shoreline Community College, but only in designated smoking areas. Throughout the day, shelter-users stop before heading to class or other activities.  The shelter provides a haven from the wind and rain, and in the summer, the sun, but it isn’t big enough to accommodate the number of people who frequent it. During peak usage times, shelter-users can spill out into the driveway that leads to the PCC, impacting traffic flow.

“It’s important that we provide easy access to our Parent-Child Center as well as provide a smoking shelter for our students,” said Vice President Daryl Campbell. 

On Wednesday, January 14, the smoking shelter will be moved to a temporary location east of the 1800 building and north of the 4000 building.  The shelter will be safely and securely installed next to a 12-foot bench already at the temporary site. Signs will also be posted notifying that this is a "Temporary Smoke Shelter" asking smokers to "Please Use This Shelter When Smoking."

 “I realize the temporary location is not ideal,” Campbell said, “but I believe this space will be adequate.” Campbell said, adding that he is hopeful a more complete review of shelter locations can be completed by the end of Spring Quarter.

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