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Brian Saunders
Job Title:
PTF/Associate Faculty
Science Technology Engineering Math

Winter office hrs: MW: 4-6 pm; M: 11:30-12:20 pm, Rm 2903 or 2179

Classes taught: BIOL 144, BIOL 244, BIOL 297, BIOL 299, BIOL& 211, BIOL& 212, BIOL& 213, ENVS 297, ENVS& 101, OCEA& 101

Employee Bio

I received my BS in Biology and MS in Marine-Estuarine Sciences at WWU.  My emphasis focused on the intertidal ecosystem and the adaptations of marine invertebrates.  I am a strong advocate for conservation and preservation of sensitive habitats, especially in and around Puget Sound.  I have been An instructor at the college level since 1996.  I have taught Biology for majors and non-majors, Zoology, Environmental Science, Oceanography and Marine Biology.  My research aspirations is focused on life in the intertidal zone and the adaptations of the species that live there.  I am always looking for students who are interested in being a part of Marine explorations

Education & Training

B.S., M.S., Western Washington University