Amy Kinsel

Amy Kinsel
Job Title:
Professor of History
Social Sciences

Fall office hours:

Classes taught: ABE 037, GWS 215, GWS 215W, HIST 037, HIST 245, HIST&136, HIST&137, HIST&214, HIST&214W, HIST&215, HIST&215W

Employee Bio

Amy Kinsel has taught history at Shoreline since Fall 2004. Her teaching interests include the multicultural, social, and political history of the United States, as well as immigration history, women's history, and history of the Pacific Northwest.
Prof. Kinsel is an award-winning historian whose published work focuses on the cultural significance of the American Civil War. An active member of the Organization of American Historians, she served on its Executive Board from 2012-2015.
In addition to teaching, Prof. Kinsel has held leadership roles in the Faculty Senate (2007-2009), in the faculty Federation (2011-2015), and as Dean of Social Sciences & Library (2015-2018). Since returning to faculty, Prof. Kinsel has served as a Faculty Program Coordinator (department chair) and as a member of Shoreline's Guided Pathways Core Team (2019-2021).

Education & Training

B.A., University of Puget Sound
M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University