Amy Rovner

Amy Rovner
Job Title:
Instructional Designer
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Fall office hours: 9:00-5:00pm Most Days

Employee Bio

Amy Rovner began teaching Nutrition online at Shoreline in 2010 and continues to teach online at least once per year.
In 2013, she was selected as Shoreline's eLearning Faculty-in-Residence and, in 2014, was hired as an Instructional Designer. Amy is Shoreline’s Quality Matters Coordinator and she facilitated the creation of a Shoreline Quality Course Design Rubric that was piloted by Faculty participants in the 2017-2018 Quality Hybrid & Online Course Development Institute.
Currently, Amy is Shoreline's Accessible IT Coordinator and is guiding campus work to ensure that our digital content is accessible to all.  She is a member of the SBCTC’s Committee for Accessibility Oversight (CATO) which is guiding statewide accessibility efforts.  Amy was recognized in 2015 by Shoreline’s ADA Committee for her work promoting accessible curriculum.

Education & Training

B.S., Cornell University
MPH RD, University of Washington