Aura Rios Erickson

Aura Rios Erickson
Job Title:
Academic Advisor - ESL Program
ESL - Transitional Studies
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Fall office hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Classes taught: ABE 001, ESLAB005

Employee Bio

Aura Rios Erickson has been an Academic Advisor for the college since 1999. Prior to that, she worked in the field of interpretation and translation for 10 years and as an Academic Advisor for the University of Washington.
Aura has been involved with local and national professional advising associations for the past 15 years. She participated in the Emerging Leaders Program for the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).
At Shoreline, she participated in several committees, including the Advising Pilot Project. This project's work led to the implementation  a new software (the Advisor Data Portal) as well as the expansion of advising services at the college.

Education & Training

B.A., B.A., M.P.A., University of Utah
M.P.A., University of Washington