Benjamin Wiggins

Benjamin Wiggins
Job Title:
Instructor- Tenure Track
Science Technology Engineering Math

Winter office hrs: M/W: 930, T: 11:30, Th: 12:30 in 2818 or 2602

Classes taught: BIOL& 241, BIOL& 242

Employee Bio

Ben Wiggins is a professor of Biology; diving into the details of molecules and cells (and exploring ways that they impact patient's lives) is one of his favorite parts of teaching. Ben's education background is an MS in Molecular and Cellular Biology and a PhD in Science Education. Having taught science and education courses for 15 years at UW-Seattle, Ben is most excited to work with students who are coming to health sciences and biology careers from non-traditional tracks. Ben's NSF-sponsored research is in science education and professional development for college faculty. When he isn't working on a class, he is often coaching youth sports for his young son and daughter and experimenting in the kitchen.