Betty Peace-Gladstone

Betty Peace-Gladstone
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Fall office hours: vie e-mail M-Th 8:30 - 9:30 for immediate response

Classes taught: ECED&160, ECED&180, ECED&190, EDUC 297, EDUC 298, EDUC 299, EDUC&115, EDUC&150, EDUC&240

Employee Bio

Betty has  worked in the field of Early Childhood since 1978. She worked with Head Start programs for over 20 years in Colorado, Montana, Washington and California, including migrant farmworkers and American Indian programs.  She has 7 years experience as a preschool special education teacher, and has also served as a director for a family literacy program and a child care center.  Betty has served as a grant-reader for the Department of Education and the National Head Start Office, and has also served a chairperson of a school board in Montana. She joined the faculty at Shoreline in 2002.  Betty's teaching has a strong focus on multicultural and anti-bias work, social equity, and work with special needs children and family outreach and support.

Education & Training

B.A., M.S., Colorado State University