Charles Enlow

Charles Enlow
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Humanities & ESL/ABE/GED
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Winter office hrs: Monday - Thursday, 10:30 - 11:30

Classes taught: CE 141, DRMA 145, DRMA 207, DRMA 208, DRMA 209, MUSC 100, MUSC 147, MUSC 154, MUSC 155, MUSC 156, MUSC 164, MUSC 165, MUSC 166, MUSC 180, MUSC 280, MUSC&141, MUSTC141

Employee Bio

Charles Enlow, D.M.A., is Associate Professor of music at Shoreline Community College, where he produces and directs the college's annual Opera Workshop and Musical Theater productions. Dr. Enlow studied at The Juilliard School, The San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and The University of Texas at Austin, where he received a Master of Music (M.M) and Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.) in Piano Performance. At Shoreline College he also provides instruction in piano, music theory, collaborative piano, and vocal ensemble performance. As a piano soloist, Dr. Enlow has performed throughout North America and Europe, and has collaborated with many vocalists and instrumentalists in recitals and recordings. Dr. Enlow is active as a teacher, coach, and pedagogue of chamber music ensembles, vocal soloists, and pianists.