David Bristow

David Bristow
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Associate Faculty
Humanities & ESL/ABE/GED
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Classes taught: MUSC 196, MUSTC151, MUSTC154, MUSTC155, MUSTC180, MUSTC271, MUSTC272, MUSTC294

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Dave Bristow, born in London, graduated from university with a BSc in Psychology but preferred to use his musical talents, performing and recording with a variety of artists and working with Yamaha’s synthesizer production team. He created factory voicing for the well-known DX7 synthesizer and is internationally recognized as one of the important contributors to the voicing of FM synthesis, co-authoring a text-book on the subject with inventor Dr John Chowning. Dave moved to the United States in 1995 to join the production team at the electronic music company Emu Systems, Inc. producing sampling and filter based synthesizers, notably "Morpheus" and Emulator 4 keyboard. From 2002, he began working again with Yamaha, focusing on the support of their SMAF audio systems for cell-phones and mobile devices, developing ringtones and system alert sounds. He began teaching at Shoreline in 2011.

Education & Training

B.Sc., University of Aston in Birmingham, UK

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