Diana Kimani

Diana Kimani
Job Title:
Associate Faculty
Social Sciences

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Classes taught: ECON&201, ECON&202

Employee Bio

Dr Diana Kimani is an associate faculty at Shoreline Community College. Previously she has been a Professor at the School of Economics, University of Nairobi, Kenya for eight years teaching and supervising students’ projects and thesis. Her personal teaching goal is to help students develop critical thinking skills and become effective and polished economists. Her research work has been in health, poverty and labor issues and is currently a Principal Investigator for two projects in Kenya. Born in Kenya, Dr Kimani attended and graduated from Egerton University with undergraduate degree in Economics. Afterwards she pursued Masters and later Ph.D in Economics at University of Nairobi. In her Ph.D thesis Dr Kimani presented evidence of impoverishing effects of out-of-pocket health expenditures in Kenya. This inspired her to investigate the effects of the free maternity program in Kenya on mother’s welfare for her Post-Doctoral research.

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