Gail Dalton

Gail Dalton
Job Title:
Professor - Business Technology

Fall office hours: Online Daily

Classes taught: BTWRT115, BTWRT215, BUSTC105, BUSTC128, BUSTC129, BUSTC150, BUSTC170, BUSTC270, BUSTC297, BUSTC298, BUSTC299

Employee Bio

Gail Dalton returned to Shoreline as a full-time, tenured faculty member in 2013 in the Business Technology Program.  Previously, she worked for Shoreline as an adjunct faculty member for eight years before moving to Arkansas for a few years.  
In the early 1990's, she and her family moved to Kobe, Japan where they lived for five years. Gail taught ESL to adults through the YMCA while in Japan.
In Arkansas, Gail taught at community colleges, universities, and for the Army. She was an Area Chair for the University of Phoenix, where she won the "Faculty of the Year" award.
She is passionate about adult education being accessible to everyone.  

Education & Training

B.S., State University of New York
M.Ed., University of Phoenix