Gary Georger

Gary Georger
Job Title:
Associate Faculty
Humanities & ESL/ABE/GED
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Fall office hours: Mon. & Wed. 3:30-5:30 pm, Tuesday 11am-noon (or b

Classes taught: ART 121, ART 122, ART 123, ART 131, ART 132, ART 133, ART 260

Employee Bio

Gary Georger an active artist, community builder and educator. Receiving his arts degree from New Paltz University in New York he pursued a career as a potter. He took advantage of the opportunity to venture out and roam the world for six years. In Izmir, Turkey he received a Masters of Ceramic and Glass from Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi, fucused on the ancient kilns and techniques of Persian he built kilns from the local soils. The modern works within these ancient techniques were featured in the 2012 Istanbul Biannual. In Saigon he directed a collective artist studio and his attention were drawn back to painting with an exhibition invitation at the HCMC Art Museum.  He currently resides in Seattle making service ware for local cafes and exhibiting his landscape interpretation painting. We are fortunate to offer his talent and experience to our Shoreline community.

Education & Training

A.S., Monroe Community College
B.S., State University of New York at New Paltz
M.A., Dokuz Eylul Universitesi