Hanna Krupa

Hanna Krupa
Job Title:
Dental Hygiene Professor
Dental Hygiene
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Fall office hours: Tue 8-8:30,Th 8-8:30,Fr 9-9:30/12:30-2

Classes taught: DENHY112, DENHY121, DENHY122, DENHY123, DENHY124, DENHY181, DENHY182, DENHY252, DENHY281, DENHY282, DENHY283, DENHY284

Employee Bio

Hanna Krupa graduated from Medical Academy in Gdansk,Poland in 1982 with the degree in dentistry. After settling down in Seattle,she enrolled into Dental Hygiene Program at Shoreline Community College and graduated in 2004. In 2005 Hanna began teaching career as a clinical and didactic instructor for Dental Hygiene Program.in 2017 she was granted the Tenure Faculty status.
To expand her medical training Hanna also had taken natural medicine courses at Bastyr University.Hanna Krupa had over 30 years of experience working with patients in Poland and US.She had traveled as a volunteer with the Medical International Teams helping patients in Central and South America.
Teaching restorative Dentistry at Shoreline Dental Hygiene Program gives Hanna's the opportunity to share with students her passion and knowledge of dentistry and provide students with solid training in restorative techniques.

Education & Training

A.A.S., Shoreline Community College
D.D.S., Medical Academy

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