Jeffrey Cromwell

Jeffrey Cromwell
Job Title:
Toyota T-TEN, Coordinator/Instructor
Automotive Programs
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Fall office hours: by appointment

Classes taught: AUTOT122, AUTOT130, AUTOT180T, AUTOT181T, AUTOT183T, AUTOT184T, AUTOT185T, AUTOT186T, AUTOT187T, AUTOT188T, AUTOT189T, AUTOT281, AUTOT282, AUTOT283, AUTOT284, AUTOT285T

Employee Bio

As a Toyota/Lexus Technician for the last 21 years, the complexity of the design and function of today’s systems are amazing.  These systems require a great amount of skill and knowledge to effectively diagnose and repair them.  There’s a lot of information in this class that will help further your career to be a Master Technician.