Kelsie Covington

Kelsie Covington
Job Title:
Associate Faculty

Fall office hours: M 1-2:15PM, W 3-5PM, By Appointment Via Zoom

Classes taught: CS 121

Employee Bio

Kelsie Covington has been teaching Computer Science courses at Shoreline Community College since Fall 2018. Before that she was a software developer at Amazon and then at a small healthcare startup. Outside of work she develops web applications to learn new technologies and keep improving her coding skills.
Kelsie has also been a student a Shoreline Community College, studying Japanese. She is a certified yoga instructor and recently finished her advanced yoga teacher training. In her free time she loves to play games, practice yoga, and take her dog exploring. She is also a new mother to a young baby!

Education & Training

B.S., M.S., Vanderbilt University