Kimberly Petersen

Kimberly Petersen
Job Title:
Associate Faculty
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Fall office hours: Tu, Th 10:30 am - 12:30 pm via Zoom, or arranged

Classes taught: BUS 104, BUS 250, BUS 255, BUS& 101

Employee Bio

Kimberly Petersen helps others align who they are with the work they do through thoughtful leadership, creative programs and curriculum, and skillful coaching/counseling. Connecting strengths, interests and values to academic, career and life goals allows individuals to find a sense of purpose and thrive.
She builds collaborative relationships and makes strategic connections that open doors for others and is motivated to provide access and opportunity to those from under-represented communities.
Her experience includes:
• 10+ years in higher education creating and managing programs, curriculum and services focused on development of students, alumni, staff and professional communities.
• 10+ years in private practice as a coach/counselor and consultant specializing in career and life transitions, change management and improving organizational effectiveness.
• 12 years in human resource management leading professional and administrative staff, managing recruitment/talent acquisition, employee relations, learning and development, compensation and benefits for technology, financial services and manufacturing companies.