Kristofor Boustedt

Kristofor Boustedt
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PTF/Associate Faculty
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Classes taught: CINEM 201, FILM 256, FILM 257, FILM 258, FILM 265, FILM 285, FILM 290, FILM 297, FILM 298, FILM 299, VCT 268

Employee Bio

Kris Boustedt is an award-winning filmmaker working in the Northwest. He edits narrative, documentary and commercial projects, and writes/directs features and shorts. His work plays prestige festivals, tours the world and broadcasts internationally.
He has edited films starring Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Kieran Culkin, Martin Starr and David Krumholtz, has worked for clients such as Microsoft, Amazon, the Phoenix Suns and Undead Labs, has helped raise $10M+ for Seattle non-profit Farestart, and his films have over 15M views on YouTube.
He has been teaching at Shoreline since 2008. His mission in the Performance Arts and Digital Filmmaking department is to help students cultivate their unique cinematic sensibilities and voices.  Through rigorous practical experimentation and academic exploration – and with actionable curation, context and critique – Mr. Boustedt wants to encourage and support students in their technical, artistic and entrepreneurial development.

Education & Training

B.A., Eastern Washington University