Laura Fujita

Laura Fujita
Job Title:
Humanities & ESL/ABE/GED

Spring office hrs: Mon 11:30am to 12:30pm; Tues 11:30am to 2pm

Classes taught: ABE 012, ABE 022, ABE 032, ABE 042, ABE 052, ABECE012, ABECE022, ABECE032, ABECE042, ABECE052, EAP 080, EAP 090, EAP 099, EAPAB090, EAPAB099, ESLAB007, ESLAB009, ESLAB015, ESLAB030, ESLAB035, ESLAB037, ESLAF006, ESLAF007, ESLAF015, ESLAF061

Education & Training

B.A., California State University
M.A., Humboldt State University