Lisa (LJ) Bothell

Lisa (LJ) Bothell
Job Title:
Associate Faculty - Business Technology

Fall office hours: Online ZOOM Wed 3:00-4:00PM

Classes taught: BUSTC107, BUSTC128, BUSTC150, BUSTC160, BUSTC180, BUSTC292, BUSTC293, BUSTC294, CE 123, CE 124, CE 125, CE 127, CE 153

Employee Bio

L.J. Bothell teaches business technology courses, and has several years of corporate, nonprofit, contract, and freelance experience in graphic/web design and business admin with a focus on usability and streamlined workflow.

Education & Training

Certificate in Web Design, South Seattle Community College
A.A.S./Certificate in Interactive Media, Highline Community College
B.A., University of Washington
M.Ed., Western Governor's University