Luckisha Phillips

Luckisha Phillips
Job Title:
Associate Faculty
Social Sciences
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Fall office hours: Thursday 5:00- 6:15 PM email for zoom link

Classes taught: CAST 102, CAST 202, ECED&105, ECED&120, ECED&170, EDUC&115, EDUC&150, EDUC&240, SOC 102, SOC 202

Employee Bio

Luckisha Phillips came to Shoreline Community College in 2013. Classes offered included: Child Advocacy Studies classes online, an innovative approach to early intervention and advocacy for children and families. Early Childhood Education and Education classes that center around equity, inclusion, and evidence-based intervention practices for tomorrow's educators.  

Education & Training

A.A., Bellevue College
B.A.S.W/M.S.W., University of Washington