Naida (Jan) Chalupny

Naida (Jan) Chalupny
Job Title:
Manager - Biotech Outreach
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Fall office hours: Mon 10:30-12:30; Wed 10:30-Noon

Classes taught: BIOL 111, BIOL 249, BIOL 293

Employee Bio

Dr. Chalupny has 30 years experience in molecular biology and immunology including 18 years in Biotech.  She received her Ph.D. in Biology from Yale University, where she studied the role of the CD8 molecule in T cell signaling.  Her research at Immunex resulted in the identification of the receptor for the ULBP proteins (NKG2D/Dap10) and the role of ULBP/NKG2D binding in stimulating NK cell cytotoxicity.  At Amgen she worked on optimizing the properties of novel anti-cancer therapeutics.  Jan has been involved in science education for two decades.  She has received the NWABR Partner Award, the NWABR Alvin J. Thompson Award and the Washington State LASER Award.  In her present position at Shoreline Community College, Jan has an opportunity to do her favorite science education activities: teach/mentor both science teachers and students, work in the lab, develop curricula, and build research partnerships with local research institutions.  

Education & Training

B.A., Occidental College
M.S., Ph.D., Yale University