Sandra Porter

Sandra Porter
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Associate Faculty

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Classes taught: BIOL 285

Employee Bio

Dr. Sandra Porter is a digital biologist, web architect, entrepreneur, bioinformatics instructor, and writer.  She received her PhD in microbiology from the University of Washington, worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and spent ten years leading a biotechnology education program at Seattle Central Community College.  She left Seattle Central to work at Geospiza, Inc., a bioinformatics software company, later purchased by PerkinElmer.  In 2009, Porter started Digital World Biology (, with the mission of developing novel educational materials that use bioinformatics tools to explore biology. Porter is the PI on Bridge to Bio-Link’s Future (DUE 1764225), an NSF ATE grant that supports the and websites, and a Co-PI on START Immunobiotech (DUE 1700441), and the AC2 Bio-Link Regional Center (DUE 1501207).

Education & Training

B.S., University of Minnesota
M.S., Ph.D., University of Washington