Steve Kim

Steve Kim
Job Title:
Associate Faculty
Humanities & ESL/ABE/GED

Fall office hours: by arrangment

Classes taught: CE 141, MUSC 100, MUSC 115, MUSC 147, MUSC 196, MUSC 204, MUSC 205, MUSC 296, MUSC&141, MUSTC141, MUSTC142, MUSTC143, MUSTC241, MUSTC242, MUSTC243

Employee Bio

Steve Kim is a bassist, composer and educator, based in Seattle, Washington, USA .
His credits include live and recorded performances with Larry Coryell & Alphonse Mouzon , Don Mock, Carter Jefferson, Dave Valentine, Jim Brock, Van Manakas, Jeff Simmons, Scott Cossu, Jon Jang, Nokie Edwards and Garth Hudson.
He served as a cultural ambassador representing the City of Seattle in Kobe, Japan, and was honored as a Centennial Artist during the Washington State Centennial Celebration. In 2007 he returned to Japan, touring with guitarist Brian Nova & Vibraphonist Kiyoko Ami.
He studied with bassists Ray Brown  and Gary Peacock and improvisation / composition with  pianist and composer Charlie Banacos .
He appears on the 2014 solo release In Deep Owl by Soundgarden bassist Ben Sheppard.
He was named a recipient of The Evergreen State College 2015-16 Teacher Excellence Award.
Steve Kim has taught at SCC since 1989.