Steve Malott

Steve Malott
Job Title:
Music Tech / Music
Humanities & ESL/ABE/GED

Winter office hrs: Available M-Th Noon-12:30/3-3:30 and by appointmen

Classes taught: MUSC 196, MUSC 296, MUSTC131, MUSTC132, MUSTC133, MUSTC231, MUSTC232, MUSTC233, MUSTC297, MUSTC298, MUSTC299

Employee Bio

Steve Malott is a ProTools and Logic audio engineer and a Grammy and AES member, Engineer/Producer working with productions from recording. editing, mixing, mastering, sound design to broadcast, podcast and film sound. http:/, Available M-Th Noon-12:30/3-3:30 and by appointment @ 206-650-1875

Education & Training

B.A., University of Washington