Steven Barsotti

Steven Barsotti
Job Title:
Instructor - Pro-Rata
Humanities & ESL/ABE/GED

Winter office hrs: By Appointment

Classes taught: MUSTC121, MUSTC122, MUSTC123, MUSTC131, MUSTC132, MUSTC133, MUSTC172, MUSTC274, MUSTC299

Employee Bio

Steve Barsotti is a Seattle based improviser, sound artist, instrument inventor and educator. He is active in several ongoing projects including the Seattle Phonographers Union, a collective that improvises in real time with unprocessed field recordings, and Mimeomeme, a record label that disseminates unusual sound art made by an eclectic collective of artists involved with a variety of unconventional techniques.
Steve has been teaching for over 20 years. He primarily teaches at the college level but has also given artists lectures and workshops in various approaches to electronic music, sound art, and production techniques. He has taught at Columbia College in Chicago, the Art Institute of Seattle, Cornish College of the Arts, The Seattle Film Institute and Shoreline Community college.
Steve also runs Kazbar Media, a small media company dedicated to telling the stories of the variety of cultures that make up the American experience, with his wife Laila.

Education & Training

B.F.A., M.F.A., The School of the Art Institute of Chicago