Tasleem Qaasim

Tasleem Qaasim
Job Title:
Social Sciences

Spring office hrs: online (9 to 3)

Classes taught: ECED&105, ECED&107, EDUC 210, EDUC 290, EDUC 296, EDUC 297, EDUC 298, EDUC 299, EDUC&130, EDUC&202, EDUC&204

Employee Bio

Tasleem Qaasim has over 20 years of teaching experience with SCC.  She is Senior Tenured Faculty of an enriched online Education Program in the State.  As a former Developmental Specialist, Special Education Professional and County Administrator in Early Intervention she bring a wealth of practical experience to the classroom.
In addition she is an visual artist, poet and art collector.  She is author of the book “Walking Still” and has been recognized in Who’s Who among college professor.  

Education & Training

B.A., Chicago State University
M.A., University of Colorado

Permalink: https://app.shoreline.edu/campus-directory/name/tasleem-qaasim