William A. Lindenmuth

William A. Lindenmuth
Job Title:
Associate Faculty
Social Sciences

Fall office hours: Online

Classes taught: PHIL 102, PHIL 210, PHIL&115, PHIL&120, PHILS120

Employee Bio

William received his M.A. in philosophy in New York City from the New School for Social Research, and his B.A. in English from Saint Mary’s College in California. He’s had demonstrated success in reaching a wide variety of students in New York, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Rome, Italy. He specializes in normative ethics and moral psychology, particularly through the mediums of literature and film, arguing that our stories show us both who we are and who we’d like to be. He has done many conferences and presentations philosophy and culture and contributed to many written publications on similar issues such as the upcoming Ethics and Science Fiction. You can find him online in the MOOC “Philosophy and Film” at Canvas.net.

Education & Training

B.A., Saint Mary's College
M.A., The New School for Social Research

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