Common Course Numbering Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Common Course Numbering?
    This is a state-wide project to develop common course names, numbers and titles for the same courses within the Community and Technical College system.
  • Why is SCC changing to Common Course Numbering?
    To help students! The changes should help you, the student, to know that a course you have taken at one Washington Community or Technical College is the same at another Washington college, and to know that it will transfer easily. Courses that are not listed as “common” will still transfer under the Direct Transfer Agreement, as in the past.
  • When will the change take place?
    Shoreline Community College will be switching to the new course names, numbers and titles beginning Summer Quarter 2008.
  • How will I know that a course is common?
    Common courses will have an ampersand (&) in the department name, e.g. ACCT& 201. Please note that many of our course names and numbers did not fit the new Common Course Numbering scheme, so courses without the “&” may have been changed as well (e.g., ACCTG 171 has been changed to ACCT 190.)
  • Where can I find a list of old and new course names?
    SCC has developed a quick link on the online schedule to assist you. From the main SCC website:, go to Quick Links: Classes-Schedule; click on Common Course Numbering Changes and follow the directions. Or you can type in the following address to the website:
  • What happens if I register for a new course number and it turns out to be the same course I took earlier?
    You may not earn credit for the same class under the new course number.
    For example, if you took CHEM 101, Basic Chemistry, last quarter, DO NOT take CHEM& 121, Intro to Chemistry, because it is the same course. 
  • How can I tell if I have already taken a course that now has a new number and title?
    Read the descriptions in the schedule and/or catalog carefully. If the course had a different number prior to Summer Quarter 2008, it will show the previous number. For example: BIOL& 170, Human Biology, says “Previously BIOSC 108” in the description. You can also use the Common Course website (see the link above) to look up number and title changes by department. 
  • Is there a way to look at all changes, regardless of department?
    Yes. At the CCN website in the Divisions drop-down list choose All Divisions. This will let you see a list of all course changes. You can choose to sort by old number or new number.
  • Do these changes impact my planning guide?
    All of Shoreline Community College's planning guides have changes due to the new numbering system. Because requirements for certificates and degrees change over time, you have the option to continue to use the planning guide you started out with (you will have to look up the new course numbers to make sure you are taking the correct courses) or you can opt to use the new version of the planning guide for your program degree or certificate. Please contact your advisor if you have questions.
  • Where do I find updated planning guides?
    New planning guides will be available at the website by summer quarter.
  • Who do I go to if I have questions about Common Course Numbering?
    The Registrar’s Office, 206-546-4613 or the Office of Recruitment & Enrollment Services, 206-546-4581