English 101

Essay II Peer Review

You should have two sheets of paper to write your answers on. One you will keep, the other you will give to your peer review partner. On the sheet you keep, write suggestions for improving your own paper. On the sheet you give your partner, write suggestions for improving their paper.


For each item below: which paper (yours or your partner's) needs work in any of these areas? Write suggestions for either or both.

You must write at least two suggestions (two for your own paper, two for your partner's, or one for each) in response to each question below.

Each answer must include specific suggestions for something to add or delete, or for how to rewrite something--not just general comments like "more evidence" or "fix paragraph 2."

If all your comments are about the same paper (for example, you had no suggestions for your partner), write a note explaining that.

Comments in parentheses describe features of a successful paper. If your paper or your partner's does not do any of these things, write suggestions for how to improve them.

  1. Does the paper successfully identify the main type of evidence in the article? (The paper should correctly identify the main type of evidence, with examples of that type)
  2. Does the paper explain how those examples relate to the theme? (The paper should explain or interpret the meaning of the examples, not simply re-state them in different words.)
  3. Does the paper have sufficient (enough) examples from the reading? (The paper should have enough examples from the reading to make the point it is trying to make.)
  4. Are the examples relevant? (The paper should use examples that relate directly to the point it is trying to make--for example, if the paper says the main type of evidence is physical detail, it should provide examples of physical details from the article, not some other type of evidence.)
  5. Are the examples representative? (The paper should use examples that give an accurate overall impression of the article. For example, if it gives an example of what it says is the main type of evidence, it should not be the only example of that type of evidence in the whole article.)