English 102

Assignments and Other Materials

Welcome to English 102, taught by Davis Oldham. This page contains links to all the documents I will be passing out in class this quarter.

Documents are organized according to the assignments with which they are associated. Right up front are course policies and links for help with writing.

Please let me know if you find any problems with this site.

  1. Course Policies and Information
  2. Help with Writing
  3. Course Theme
  4. Preliminary Research Report
  5. 10 Sources
  6. Literature Review
  7. Sentence Outline
  8. Research Paper
  9. Extra Credit Assignment

Course Policies and Information

Help with Writing

Course Theme

Currently the theme for the class is Social Movements. You can read more about the theme here.

Preliminary Research Report

10 Sources

This is the first formal bibliography, or works cited list, you will submit. It can still change, but you must submit a list of at least 10 sources relevant to your topic at this time. See below for detailed instructions.

Literature Review

Sentence Outline

Research Paper

Extra Credit Assignment

You have the option of earning extra credit worth up to 5% of the final grade by writing an extra credit assignment. You can also earn a little extra credit, worth the equivalent of two homework assignments (approximately 1%), by doing some work to prepare for this assignment.

Here are detailed instructions for each assignment: