English 202
Peer Review Questions

Write out your answers to these questions. Write your name, labeled “Reviewer,” and your partner’s name, labeled “Author,” on them and give them to your partner.

Please number your answers to the following questions so that the author can see at a glance what they refer to. Use page numbers to indicate the parts of the paper you are referring to.

  1. Thesis
  1. Necessary Ingredients: Does the thesis address both formal properties and the content (specifically, social context or “reality”) of the book?
  2. Quality: Is the thesis arguable, coherent, complex and interesting? (The first two are the most important.)
  1. Evidence
  1. Quantity: Does the paper provide enough evidence to support each of its claims?
  2. Quality: Does the evidence relate to the thesis at all points?
  1. Organization
  1. Does the paper follow a clear logical pattern?
  2. Are transitions from one point to the next clearly marked so that the reader knows what’s happening and how each point relates back to the thesis?
  3. Are all points clearly linked to the main idea (thesis)?
  1. Mechanics (Grammar, style, punctuation, etc.)
  2. Is the paper coherent? Do problems with mechanics interfere with your comprehension or make you feel that the author is not credible? In other words, don’t worry about mechanics unless they seriously interfere with the paper’s effectiveness.

For more on these and other features of successful papers, see the page on Assessing Writing.